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Cell Block 505 – #30

Trying to find activities outside of movie watching can be challenging but we are doing our best. School work, crafts, playing board games and eating are the activities of the day. She is getting very good at Candyland. We both hate loosing. I love the competitor she becomes when it’s board game time. I got her a book on making paper airplanes. We have made a shit load. I thought it would be fun to watch her throw it out the 5th story window to see what would happen. It was very exciting.


I am very good at eating. It seems like I do a lot of that here. All we are doing here is waiting for her white blood cell count to go up so that she can get her next Chemo treatment. Not sure how many more days it will take but we may get a 2 day break at home before we have to come back for what is to be the first 4 day treatment.

We were able to get Quinn over here for a little Easter moment.


Meg’s is always amazing at making Easter so fun for the girls. Even though they woke up in different places on Easter morning, it was still arranged that both would wake up to a trail of candy stuffed eggs that led to a candy filled basket. Quinn really thrives on sugar. Without it she is very quiet and sluggish. Holy shit you should have seen this kid after 15 jelly beans. It’s like watching the incredible hulk begins his transformation. The eyes turn green, then the neck vein bulges, then the muscles and all of a sudden she has ripped clothes off and is running naked around the house crashing into things. It’s pure entertainment.