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Down and back Up Again

After a fun 4 nights in tahoe we headed back to San Francisco for another check up with Olives doctors to see how her lab counts were.  We arrived sunday night at 10pm, jumped in bed and were at the doctors by 930am.  Her counts creeped up just a hair, Olive remained neutropenic but since she had been on intravenous antibiotic for over 21 days and her stomach had had enough the doctors decided to discontinue them for the time being and see how she did.  For the first time in 3 weeks Olive finally did not have her port accessed( no IV tubing hanging from her chest)Olive did not make her counts for this weeks treatment so we would have to wait another week. After the appt and feeling discouraged a bit we realized the best thing was to just jump back in the car and head back up to our families small slice of heaven…TAHOE!! Glad we didn’t unpack! Back on the road in less than 15 hrs.  May sound crazy but we want to give our girls a little more summer and fun while we can.  That night we were sat down to eat and Olive took a big sigh of relief and said”I love life”.  Adam and I were speechless.  How can our beautiful little girl still love the life when she has been dragged through the ringer for the past 8 months?  We are so proud and relived that she is still seeing the beauty of life and continues to rise above no matter what curve ball is thrown her way.  People keep telling us there will be silver linings, The Diamonds are starting to see them but ours our rainbow lined!

Our next four days were filled with sweet mountain air, bike rides, stargazing, sandcastles, pinecone paintings, treeswings and slumber sleepover sharing the same bed with little sis.  The days are staring to shed a little more light and the stars are getting brighter.  We won’t miss a moment because big or small they are each a true blessing.

live it up!!