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Back from we don’t even know where!! Entry # 41


I cannot even believe how long it has been! I want to start by saying Olive is Awesome!!! We came out of our August slump and just all focus became fully on transitioning her and the rest of us back to some sort of normalcy…whatever that is.

Olive was finally released after another 13 days in the hospital on August 7th. All labs counts remained in the hole but her doctors said since her energy and appetite have been great and there has been no fevers for days  they would allow her to be taken home and cared for by her daddy and I.  Wahoo! This visit knowing and hoping that it would be our last for awhile we stretched the freedom and had sister sleepovers in the hospital where the girls made forts with hospital curtains( daddy’s awesome influence comes through again), snuggled through movies w bowls of popcorn, fingerpainted, sang, and danced. They had become magicians making something out of nothing.  Their something was all they needed as long as they were together.

We were so happy to get our baby home once again the girls could sleep in their rooms together and get into all the mischief they wanted once the door was closed!  Although we were going home the fear of germs was still at the max.  Olive had no immune system at this point to aid her to fight off anything so they sent us home with intravenous antibiotics that we were luckily able to infuse ourselves.

Olive was discharged on August 7th at 630 pm after her last of chemo treatment.  I had picked up Quinn while olive napped that afternoon so she could accompany us out of there.  Olive loves the feeling of all of us going home together.  While the chemo infused I was quickly packing up the final items, Quinn swung from the rafters and Olive layed in bed.  I handed Olive her flat sparkly slippers( the chosen ones for this admission). Without an expression change, an honest statement was released from my daughters lips. ” I leave this place in heels”.  Like I said it was an honest statement, there was no attitude at all. Within seconds I had her shinning silver heeled wodden clogs on the bed.  She sat up and started putting them on, chemo finished, we said our good byes, and off we went…me as a bag lady, Quinn a burning flame of fire and Olive in her heels.

Outside Olive continued to have her mask on ( it was her second nature at this point).  I asked her what she didn’t need anymore within seconds she ripped of her mask and said” I don’t need you anymore!!” What a beautiful smile appeared from behind that mask. We jumped in the car Olive was kicking her legs and yelling everything looks so new!! “Look at that house and the trees!” I joked with her and said even mommies car looks new( she always tells me I need a new one), she didn’t know who to respond to that one;)

A modified freedom we were given. We will take it!