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Summer Time Rewind, A morning at the Theatre

As May rolled around Ladybugs were still a strong presence in our household. In or out of the hospital we had ladybugs everywhere. Olive had always loved the book series, The Ladybug Girl.  When she got sick ladybug luck and ladybug love became one of our major comforts and sources of strength.  I was browsing through the internet and came across that a kids theatre production, The Ladybug Girl and The Bug Squad, was coming to the Bay Area.  My heart sunk. Another moment is coming and will pass that I won’t be able to bring my girl to her favorite character play due to risk of crowds and germ exposure.  We had missed The Frozen sing along in the winter and it just pained me to think we would miss another.

That is when and idea popped up in my head.  I jumped online and found the contact to the theatre, explained our story and asked if we could sit in on a dress rehersal.  This way Olive and Quinn could enjoy some of the production and Olive would not be exposed to crowds and germs that would put her right back in the hospital.

The play director promptly emailed me back and said she would love to make something happen but would need to check with the cast members and make sure all were on board.  By the end of the day we were invited to The Children’s Creativity Museum to view a rehearsal of the Ladybug Girl on June 20th at 8am!

With luck on our side Olive was discharged from the hospital on June 13th and slowly got stronger and was able to make it!  We arrived that morning to a desolate downtown and doors locked.  After a couple of knocks we were in!  The director met us at the door and showed us to our seats…they were all empty! We had a private showing and our choice of pick. Middle center please!!

The show was magical! Fun, energetic and made all of us laugh! The cast included Olive and Quinn through out the rehearsal.  When it was over we realized we had a full production and the director had gifted Olive and Quinn both fun goodie bags to take home.  We all skipped out of there, even Daddy! There is just so much love in the world.  Adam and I cannot thank the production enough for rolling our the red carpet for our girls.  They loved every minute of it!