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Olive’s Story

This is the ongoing story of Olive, the bravest girl who has ever walked the earth. For five years, there hasn’t been anything she couldn’t conquer. But now, she’s facing her greatest challenge.

On Tuesday January 7th, doctors found a large mass consuming most of her chest cavity. This mass was putting pressure on her heart and lungs by creating fluid around both. After a series of tests, Olive was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoblastic T-cell lymphoma. This is a well-researched cancer that is up against a strong-willed and brave little girl who refuses to lose. The prognosis is good, but the battle will be long and difficult.

Chemotherapy is now her sidekick. Germs are now her enemy. White blood counts are now her superpowers. She is now our hero.

Friends, family and fans of Olive, we have a long road ahead of us.  But with all of the love and support, the journey will be easier.

Olive the Brave, we’re with you. Let’s beat this thing together.


Megan, Adam, Olive and Quinn