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These counts are just not listening to us!! Entry # 39

August 14th

We have our first follow up after olive being discharged.  Counts baby, counts!! Come on. We all have are hearts set on Tahoe.I should not have mentioned anything to the girls about possibilities but it has been so long that we have been able to get them excited about any road trips. The results were not in our favor.  Olives ANC was about 60. She was still completely neutropenic and would have to remain on antibiotics, now entering her third week. Olive was devastated, done,  just finished all together. She wanted the port needle out, she wanted to go to tahoe and swim, she wanted to just be a kid and have a little summer.

This was our moment where we needed to follow the heart while staying within our limits.  After a long talk with Adam we decided with meticulous planning, a lot of intravenous Antibiotics on ice, medical supplies, soap and sanitizer we were off by late afternoon to tahoe.  Where our souls could rest awhile.

We rolled into trucked Thursday nights where the girls had a slice of pizza and danced to some live music. They were nestle into the Tahoe beds a little late for some rest.  That weekend we were able to ride our bikes, play at the park along the lake, eat ice cream watching the sunset, and give our daughter the best care ever amongst the trees.

It was a lot of work but so so worth it!