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Summer Time Rewind, A Weekend at The Tornello’s

Summer Summer Summer Time!(of 2014) Although we were on lock down for most of these summer months we were able to grab a handful of priceless moments that refreshed our souls.  Olive counts we consistently in the hole and it was a miracle when we were able to out of the hospital.

One of Ollie’s Angels, Lisa Tornello and her hubby Steve and boys Wyatt, and Luke tossed  the keys to their beautiful home while they were away on vacation. For 2 long weekends in a row we were able to leave the city fog behind and settle in to their beautiful home in San  Rafeal with a POOL!! BONUS!!  We walked in and the girls were greeted by a gift from their buddies.  A huge box of Fruit loops, with a note Since your on vacation we thought we would share our vacation treats! With a bowl in their bellies the girls threw their suits on and the endless day floating in the pool began.  Thanks to our Dear friends we had hot summer days and nights basking in the sun and splish splashing around like little kids should.  I know I thank her but not sure if Lisa realizes what a true life saver this staycation was for all of us.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you to The Tornello Family!! You, as always, brought us light in our darkest moments.  You are one of our most precious Gems.