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C’est La Vie-Entry #14

My moto in life has always been to let the good times roll. I love life. My family, friends, activities, travel, career, planning, spontaninty , moving, sometimes sitting:), music… just life. It’s beautiful. Then your child gets sick. You have a choice. You can find blame, a reason to why, or you can embrace what is. C’est la vie.

Olive has cancer. Her daddy and I brought her into this world and have always been captured by her inner strength, passion, goofy side, fearless side, and determination. She is thougtful, careful, yet a complete daredevil because she knows she has the skill. She is confident. We are strong because she is stronger.

Thursday was a scare for all of us. The doctors ran their tests and nothing specific was found to have caused her fever. They treated her with antibiotics through her PICC (central line catheter) to prevent any further infection.

Ollie and I set up shop. We had daddy drop off books, crafts, doll, movies. music and comfy clothing. We ordered room service 3 times a day, read when we wanted, slept when we wanted, watched movies and got better. Just another trip to spa CPMC. (california pacific medical center ) Small mind games are good for the soul right?

Through the weekend Olive was with mommy or daddy. Quinny was home with Mimi in from Boston. Big changes took place which Olive rolled through with ease. She was able to have her 4th round of chemo and tolerated it well. We were in the hospital but we found a way to still let the good times roll.