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We’re baaaaack….-Entry 13

I had declared earlier in these posts, we had become the ” anti bug freaks “. Unfortunately reality struck. Between flu season and Olive having her bug collecting little sis Quinn( we know its not your fault snugy) something snuck past us.
Thursday night Olive was sitting at the dinner table had experienced sudden sharp pain in her lower back that wrapped around to her upper thighs. She had had no complaints up until this point. I was at work and got a text from Adam” call me”. My heart stopped , picked up the phone to hear Ollie crying in the back round. My heart sank and we made the quick plan to met at the emergency room (ER). I luckily had just finished my last case of the day and was out the door calling the doctor.
Arriving in the ER at 730pm we got taken back immedialty. They took a urine and blood sample which confirmed what we already knew. Olive is neutropenic, which means she has no white blood cells in her body to help her fight off infection, a fever of 100.8, and upper thigh pain. They stared her on a broad spectrum antibiotic and finally got us upstairs after 1130 pm.
We’re baaaaack… A different room but a lot of familiar faces. Olive appears to be unphased by all of this. Her pain is gone after one Tylenol dose in the ER, so she is comfortable and as always in good spirits. (you amaze me little girl).
After being checked out by the doctor we give daddy big hugs good bye. The nurses provide me with a different pair of scrubs to change into and we cuddle up for another night in what I know, for this year, is our new home away from home.