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Fever strikes again- Entry #16

Well we started off optimistic that we would have a chance or maybe some control over the bugs and keeping OLIVE fever free.  Cancer decided to get us  REALLY use to what this new normal was going to be like in less than 30 days.  Sunday Feb 9th Ollie struck another fever and we were once again in the ER and admitted that afternoon.  Nothing has grown out of any cultures they have taken but the fever has been much more aggressive and still not letting up.  Spiking to a high of 103 last night around 1am.   Cooled her off with cold washcloth bath and restless sleep to follow for both.  Her blood counts are lower which has required her first blood transfusion on Monday( which she tolerated well).  The blood counts are still not recovering as quick as we would like so her treatment which was planned for Friday will most likely be postponed until they increase.

We have toasted out 17th day of being an inpatient out of the past 31 days.  Adam and I are two ships passing in the night trying at all times to have one of us with our girls accept the days when MIMI is with Ollie in the hospital so Adam and I can keep working while we have the support out with us.  It is just a new puzzle that we take apart and put together in a new way each day.  Olive is rolling with the punches as best she can and little Quinn….well she is doing it in her own fashion as best as any 2 year old could considering the circumstances.This is part of the game, so the doctors tell us.  I am trusting them and do have complete faith in the team that we have been blessed with.  Its just down right frustrating and emotional to watch your kids lives be turned this upside down. For both of them my heart just aches.

Olive and I had a sweet day. Always so grateful for these long quiet times that we have together.  She is into details with her projects and soaring with her reading skills. It’s  amazing to watch her want to continue through tired eyes.  We have cozy snuggle sessions listening to music or watching movies.  We are visited by endless amounts of warm loving people covering all layers of support for Olive.  The high point today was a visit we had from Jane, a part of the health and healing center at CPMC.  She and olive together over the past 2 days made a doll out of hospital socks(new ones;).  Jane was a wonderful energy that truly just felt like a friend coming over to hang out.  They finished the doll today( picture to come soon).  When asked what will we name her , Olive replied “her name is Flower”.  Flower is long and lanky with mismatched eyes, ears,a crooked mouth and a beautiful bright shade of yellow. She brought sun into our room this afternoon and with the sun there is always light.

Olive, shine on you crazy wonderful Diamond.

We love you.