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Feeling alright, gotta wear shades! Entry #17

The power of 24 hours is all this girl needs! Friday morning we were treated with sweetest gift of all, she doubled her blood counts!! This means she was able and ready for her scheduled treatments. Like I said before in earlier posts this girl is hot, and when she is legal we are going to vegas baby!!!  After a week of fevers and fear we found ourselves once again enjoying the ride of cancer and luckily today was a whooooo raaaaa!

This Valentines day marks day one of Consolidation.  This cycle is 56 days long.  Our nurses tell us it will be harder doses of chemo but almost appear easier because we won’t have a 5-year-old on whopping doses of prednisone.  As the 56 days truck along the chemo effects will be accumulative and Ollie will be more and more tired.  Aside from all that buzz kill of what will be, let gets back to today.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! The Diamonds hospital room and house are literally bursting with love from literally world-wide!! Thanks for filling our hearts.  We are so grateful.  Olive worked hard all week to make home-made valentines for her classmates and luckily was feeling great Thursday for her lesson with Mrs.   Her amazing teacher that yes, was even excited to come and teach Ollie in the hospital(love you!!)Olive proudly presented all 24 cards for her to hand out the next day. Olive in return got over a hundred from different classrooms from FSK.  She then was visited from nurses, doctors, specialists all day to get her ready for her treatment and us ready for home.  Each time a new person entered the room Olive busied herself to make sure they didn’t leave emptied handed.  LOVE WAS IN THE AIR!

At noon Olive’s nurse came to give her intravenous chemo and showed me the ropes for home treatments.  We got dressed up in our chemo protective wear, heart decorated of course, and kicked off our second road map, Day #1 of 56. Bring it on!  We are in this, some days a lot harder than others, but we are ready for them. Over the next four days at home I will be administering Olive intravenous form of chemo( a blessing to avoid any more pokes) and then each night for the next 2 weeks Olive will take a chemo pill.  Her appetite will be a challenge at this point so we will be focused on as many good calories as we can get in a day.  Nausea has still been non existant(huge gift, gratitude!)

We had fun with our chemo infusion. Girls were feeling alright, we had to wear our shades!!! Gabby our nurse made each day filled with giggles, and our other nurses continued the fun and love through out the rest.  We had our bumps this visit with high fevers, lots of medications, and difficult port access,that made blood draws harder but in the end Olive was sprinkled with so much love that she left with a cupcake & a smile.

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