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A Glimpse of Our New Normal

We are still out of “the big house” and loving it.  Fear for readmission and fever always hovering in our thought but we were able to enjoy another week at home.  We finished up another round of intravenous chemo at home, Olive’s blood counts did plummet by Tuesday so Grandmom and Pop Pop got to keep Ollie company on their last day together in the hospital. The transfusion took for over 5 hours but was spent playing games and having some final snuggle time before they had to say goodbye.   Friday, Olive had another 5+ hour treatment which went so well.  She is taking so many powerful medications but is the toughest little girl I know.  Staying strong, being brave and adapting to her ever-changing hurdles.  I hope she will be able to look back at this time and always remember her strength that lies within.  It is one powerful force.