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weekend of family and gratitude! Entry #27

This week and weekend flew by! Olive had a wonderful week filled with very successful visits from her teachers. All three days she was exhausted before they visited but 1minute and and this girl was hooked for 2 hrs all 3 days!! Another tell tale sign of her strength and determination.

She is reading at a high level these days and is always so engaged in all of our art, cooking, or science projects at home. Olive was student of the week and was able to talk live with her fellow classmates via facetime. She read to them her poster she made of her favorite things and was able to show and tell one of her favorite toys( a real pink princess camera). Olive’s class mates were able to ask her questions which she was shy but happy to answer. These facetime sessions have been happening 2-3 times a week along with 3/ 2 hrs home school sessions.

Olive is thriving thanks to the community at Francis Scott Key. Teachers, PTA, Principle, Classmates and their parents have kept a constant momentum that has filled our girls days with education, fun, and endless love. We were excited to feel the sense of community when our daughter entered school but we never would have dreamed this circle of love. Thank you all from the deepest part of our hearts. We are so grateful.

Olive had been much more fatigued this week so we were able to draw blood work at home and just drop off for a check up. It was wonderuful to save her another trip to “the big house”. On Thursday afternoon we found out all counts were stable ( except that she was neutropenic again…as expected). No blood transfusions needed, just a quick IV infusion and we were out of there within 30 min on Friday. We were home most of the afternoon, our first Friday home in over 2.5mths. It was awesome!!! Grandmom had bought ingredients to make Olive’s daddy a birthday cake from scratch. Olive had chosen red velvet.

The labor of love paid off and we were able to enjoy a big family BBQ with Granmom and Pop Pop from Philly, and Auntie Lex and Patrick from LA. Olive and her sis had a bunch of fun playing with everyone and just kept things low key and home based.

Simply delicious weekend. Every piece of it!