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Perseverance- Entry#34

Perseverance….What a beautiful strength to  attain.  Olive has been facing her battle everyday for 5 months weather she has wanted to or not.  There have been days that challenges seemed too tough, fears too great, moments too REAL.  Child’s play (at times) have been put on hold and Olive has had to become a bigger kid than needed at such a young age.  With each challenge Olive has persevered.

We have made it through three more 4 day hospital admissions. Each admission consisted of intense treatments followed by a couple days of “rescue” to make sure her kidneys would continue to filter the chemo out.  Olive has tolerated this 63 day road map so well thus far.  After each discharge from the hospital she has rebounded a couple days later.  Where energy levels and appetite have maintained.  She has started riding her bike again, being excited and interactive with her school work, dancing and singing at an all time high, eating actual meals and blood counts have been soaring.  We have all been able to relax and enjoy just being together.

Olive’s Pop Pop and Grandmom from Philly came for a visit.  Grandmom stayed for 3 weeks helping Olive finish her school year strong.  Together they Face Timed with the class for lessons, did art projects, and the two of course got busy in the kitchen.  Grandmom also helped Olive finish a cookie project where Olive was able to gift each kid in her class and teacher who has worked with her this past year.  Olive was very proud!


Another highlight from this past month was a visit from Auntie Lex! Grandmom and Auntie Lex joined forces to give Adam and I a much needed weekend off. Olive and Quinn had awesome girl time with the two of them hitting the zoo and parks in the neighborhood.  Adam and I came home well rested and relaxed…..Lex and Grandmom maybe not so rested:))) We cannot thank the two of you enough.  Within this beautiful moment of stronger health for Olive you helped us seize our own moment.  We love you both!

This past week was by far our highest peak within this journey.  Olive’s entire kindergarten class took a day trip to our home and serenaded Olive with their 5 graduation songs.  Luckily Olive had recently had her counts checked and all was perfect for her to join the kids for a walk to our neighborhood park.  I was fearful that shyness would overcome her but within minutes she was leading the pack. Olive jumped right in line for the slide and laughed amongst her classmates she hadn’t seen in person for almost 5 months. All of the children were so loving.


That evening I had gotten the okay from the doctor that she could attend school for her graduation ceremony.  Adam, Olive and I attended the performance and then joined the party afterward in her classroom.  There Olive received her kindergarten diploma from her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cuper.  Looking at the two of  them as I took their picture, I realized that with talent and extraordinary perseverance all things are attainable.  These two girls share both of these traits and created quite the force to be reckoned with! They say education is the key to life’s success, and teachers make an impact on the lives of their students.  Mrs. Cuper did that and made a life long impression on all of us.  We have been blown away by her compassion, creativity, and drive.  She has not wavered one minute.  She has stood by our girl and advocated for her way above and beyond her duties.  We are forever grateful. Cheers to you and to a wonderful school year!!