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Interim Maintenance Hope


Wow!! When people say time flies time has really flown!  Olive’s last cycle was called interim maintenance.  We were told that it was always a 50:50 chance on how kids tolerate this cycle but with our first few months introduction into this world of cancer we were holding our breath. Every 14 days Olive went in for treatment and every time she would come out with great energy and numbers!! There were no need for transfusions or fever re-admissions.  We still tread lightly because we just didn’t want to risk this wonderful thing that was given to us for 2 months….OUR GIRL! She was just back in every beautiful way possible with nothing zapping an ounce of her spirit.

Our first big outing was a ferry boat ride over to angel island for a day of biking and hiking.  The minute we stepped off that boat the four us felt like we were on vacation.  Oh how the small things become wonderfully grand in every way! The girls both hiked for well over an hour (yes even our little lioness QUINN).  We did not make it to the peak but there were so many views points along the way and each one Olive would stop and say “wow look at that view” (it was the same view every time but it was sweet to see how it affected  her all over again and again.  Quinn was chasing lizards enjoying her own view of things.  The day ended with ice cream for the girls and a cold beverage for mom and dad while a local sang some Bob Dylan tunes.

Slice of Heaven. Thank youIMG_0626