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Friday Chemo Day – Entry #12

Things are rolling along now and a ritual is starting to stake its claim a bit. Olive woke up screaming “I’m hungry. My belly wants food.” Because her sister has a cough we have temporarily moved Ollie into our bedroom and on to a blow up mattress. Needless to say the scream for food was very easy to hear from where I was sleeping. The high pitch yell for food startled me, I glanced over to look at the time, 5:50 read the clock.  Within 10 minutes I was Chef Adam cooking up a special request from my “hangry” daughter. French toast and scrambled eggs. Because of the prednisone she eats like a horse and demands her breakfast like a King from the show “Game of Thrones,” of which I am happy to abide.

After breakfast, a walk and some hanging out a bit, my mother and I took Olive to the hospital for her Friday chemo treatment. The previous ones have been intrathecal meaning injection into the spinal column but this one was much mellower and required an intravenous injection through her existing pick line (iv line she permanently has for the month). Nothing phases her. It’s pretty amazing. Although she has an amazing doctor and nurse, they are still getting up in her business to give her treatment. Olive didn’t mind at all, in fact she was very interested in how and what they were doing. You would have thought Olive was in med school, taking mental notes on procedure so that she could apply it at a later time. It was a 2 hour event that went very smooth and we were then on our way back home.

The doctor told us that she will start to get a bit of a balloon face, a gut and skinny legs due to the treatment and it is now starting to show. Her hair will most likely start to fall out in a week or two and it’s that time that I am dreading. I know it will be difficult for her but knowing her strength it will probably be a short stint of sadness. It’s all about the healing and we can see from the last x-ray that this therapy is working.

We love all of the posts everyone has been doing. We read them every night. It makes the journey easier knowing we have such love and support. This new site is amazing and we can’t thank our friends enough for putting together this platform. We love you all.