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Fear of the port-Entry #19

Ollie and Dr. Fisher 1 Ollie and Dr. Fisher 2

Happy Friday Everyone!

We are here once again!!  Each time we make it I am so grateful that we are staying on track and not missing or delaying any of Olive’s treatments! A big win and we will take it!

When prepped Thursday evening for Fridays treatment Olive was not happy at all. Since this new port was placed Olive has had to have it accessed twice (a needle into the port which is placed under her skin on her chest) which was too soon after it was placed.  Each time was very sensitive and did cause Ollie a lot of discomfort.  Of course she remembered those moments and immediately was scared and tearful.  I tried to reassure her that it would be a  much better experience this time because her wound has had time to heal.  There was no convincing her this time around. (I will for sure wait until the morning of, next time around…another learning curve for me).  After a great night sleep she awoke in good spirits.  Closer to departure time she started to get upset and we were able to award her with another bravery package from one of Ollie’s angels.  This did the trick and we were off.

Once settled in her room she was eager to start her homework and did a great job at distracting herself.  The time arrived and our beloved nurse Gabby came to the rescue and accessed her port quickly and pain free!!! Olive realized that “hey this isn’t so bad!” We were then greeted by her oncologist, Dr. Fisher and the ICU doctor, Dr. T.  The three of them got right to business.  Singing silly songs and trying to suction each other up with the wall suction in the room.  (Very serious stuff before olive was put to sleep for her procedure…always the perfect touch by this incredible team we have been blessed with.)

Dr. T administered the “sleepy” medicine and Dr. Fisher administered the intrathecal chemo.  Olive didn’t know a thing.  We were sent home a couple hours later and Olive is tucked in bed having a nice nap now.  Another treatment down, another day we were able to move forward… toward Ollie being cured.  We are staying positive.  Some days are more challenging than others but we are always looking towards the light.  This tunnel is long but we have the best crew of angels that are embracing us each and everyday.

Thank you.  We love you all.