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Lions and Tigers – Entry #18

Today was the first day Ollie was her good old self. We woke up in the morning and she was full of energy. Quinn was very relaxed as usual, running around, wrecking things, screaming her frickin lungs out. Yet out of the screaming she had a great idea. “I wanna go to the zoo,” she yelled.  The zoo it was. Maybe we could even put Quinn in a cage. We packed up the car and headed out. We met up with Tristan, Diedre,  and there 2 little ones Huxton and Remi. It was a fantastic day. We hit up the new playground first then spent a couple hours walking around.  Olive was strutting around in her new pink cowgirl boots that Mimi had given her. Comfort meant nothing, it was style that mattered. You would never even know that Olive had been blasted by Chemo and all the other meds she’s been taking. Her spunk was in full effect and the day couldn’t have been better. We hope for more of these days throughout her treatment. She was definitely the lion on this day.