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Fairy Pixie Hairdo – entry #26


We made it! Another Friday treatment down. Olive’s 5th intrathecal treatment followed by two iv infusions. It was a planned overnight for observation because of one of her infusions needed to be followed by 12 hrs of iv(intravenous)hydration. We made a girly sleepover and busted out of there by 945am. Grandmom was waiting for us and Olive was in the salon chair by 10am.

After much chatter Olive finally came to the conclusion that she was ready for a fresh start with her ever changing hair. We were greeted by Olive’s sweet stylist Rika ( at Plum Organic Beauty( on hayes). Rika has the perfect calming energy to welcome Olive out of the hospital and ease her back into life outside. Olive was proud sitting in that chair very excited and curious the entire time. The finished product was perfect and spunky just like our girl. Olive left skipping down the sidewalk…I think she approved!

Thanks Rika for giving Ollie a fresh new look. She still has a special spring in her step.