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Therapy Hold- Entry #25

We were having a great week. Olive had 3 wonderful visits from her teachers with full energy for each session.  Wednesday we were at the bay area discovery outdoor museum for a quick test run out in the world before crowds arrived.  As soon as the numbers picked up we were on our way home, or thought we were. The phone rang just as I buckled the girls in and Joan, one of our favorite nurses was on the phone.  “How’s Olive?!  Great, I reply.  “Good, but I think she needs to come in for blood count check”.  My heart sinks.  Another bump,  a sharp turn that cancer takes us.  Instead of driving home for lunch and naps we now need to make a run my the hospital, and access the port, never a welcomed activity and retrieve blood for some lab work.  Once we arrive Joan explains that she doesn’t think Olive will recover her counts enough by Friday for treatment and instead of waiting til Friday we can just take care of labs now.

My heart is in my stomach.  I was told and have been preparing myself for this moment.  The treatments are intense, of course there will be a moment when Olive will need more time to recover her counts and a chemo Friday  will be pushed back.  Each push back means her course of treatment will be elongated and our girl will have to endure longer.

Olives port was accessed with wonderful distraction from the child life specialists, and Quinny. Most successful one yet! (yeah, small win).  We packed up to go home to try and retrieve normalcy to our day.  The girls were able to nap and then Olive had an afternoon school session with her teacher.  I found myself nursing my nerves with girl scout cookies until we got the results back from Joan.  The phone finally rang  at about 5 and we were told she tripled her counts “she is a rock star, that Olive” said Joan.  I could only agree.

Rock on Ollie, bring on Chemo Friday!! We are ready for you.