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Keeping it Real – Entry #23

Okay so another bump in the road, another admission for fevers but our girl endured another treatment which brought her another step in the right direction.  These unplanned admission are quite a shock to all of us, each time causing us to eject from our home, pack what we need and head out the door into another dark unknown.  Luckily each time Olive has responded well to antibiotics and fevers have gone away within 4 days, counts tend to recover just enough so she can push through.  This next 56 days of treatment is accumulative and we are starting to see her energy level, and appetite plummet with the only reassurance of being told “this is expected”. We have full faith.

Olive had a some good days filled with visits from Grandmom, nurses, and her teacher.  Other days were spent watching her favorite movie of this admission, The little rascals.  Ollie and I had  great playtime Friday night after her treatment where the hospital staff cleaned the playroom just for her  ( The first time out of her room since Tuesday).  We played for well over an hour with dolls, basketballs, cars, you name it she was all over it! It was awesome to see her on full play with no worries in her wings within this moment .  That night she tuckered pretty early and went down for a full night sleep.  The next morning her doctor visited us and said her numbers remain low but since she looks good lets give her a chance at home.  High five to that!! Grandmom, Daddy, and Quinn came to our rescue. It was a beautiful day and we were all smiles busting out of that place.

We are now in the land of readjustment. Olive remains tired, Quinn is really excited to have everyone home and Mom and Dad are walking on fever egg shells.  This feeling too shall pass. Hopefully fevers will keep away a little longer this time around and we can all stay together.  Keeping things simple and everyone closer..what life is all about!!