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Matzah Ball Soup for the Soul-Entry #24

Well the transition energy continued for a few days after Olive’s arrival back home last Saturday.  Everyone was  excited and just wanting to jump back into some form of normal flow and energy but needed to slow the pace down so Olive could continue to get the rest she needs.  For the record that girl fights the nap almost everyday because the Olive we all know and love is still burning inside.  It usually takes her about 1.5 minutes to fall asleep once she is tucked in:)) Her naps are lasting about 2-3 hrs these days always welcomed after full mornings of play with her sister before she leaves to preschool, kid friendly yoga session(huge hit..thanks DI!), and plenty of school work in preparation for her teacher visits.

Sunday afternoon Adam and I took Quinn on a special trip to the zoo, her favorite place, where we could just indulge in her for awhile.  Quinn loved all the attention and caused her own  by running through the zoo in her new beloved hot pink cowgirl boots. (Thanks Mimi, grandma from Boston!!) While we enjoyed the sun and animals Olive was consumed in her own fun with Grandmom (grandma from philly). We needed to keep Ollie quiet and home this week due to her counts being low,  there was no better way than to ask her to help cook in the kitchen.  Since diagnosis Olive has found a true love assisting in the kitchen no matter what the task…lead the way girl!

Grandmom quickly assessed the scene and realized we all needed a good dose of homemade Matzah Ball Chicken Soup.  I thought it was just the ticket for all our souls.  Busy in the kitchen while we were out, Olive and Grandmom boiled the chicken, cut the herbs and vegetables, and rolled out one Matzah ball at a time.  Life slowly eased back into the house one preparation at a time. When we arrived home Quinn was fulfilled and Olive was soothed.  We were back…all  together.